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Trust services from professionals you can trust

When your family includes a person with special needs, ensuring their financial security—so they can live their best life—takes more planning than most.

Life’s WORC Trust Services is here to help. With a trust from Life’s WORC, you can put aside money for the future care of your loved one while protecting the government entitlement benefits crucial to their well-being.

We offer a choice of special needs Pooled Trusts—in which your money is pooled together with others’—as well as private or Individual Supplemental Needs Trust—so you can plan for your loved one’s financial future with confidence, knowing that:

  • Their crucial government entitlements are safe. A Life’s WORC trust will not adversely affect their SSI, Medicaid and other means-tested benefits.
  • All trust funds are professionally managed. We work in partnership with the seasoned team of investment managers at Key Private Bank, which has extensive experience in the areas of individual and pooled trusts.
  • We’re here when you need us. Unlike a family member who may be unfamiliar with the appropriate guidelines for administering a trust, our staff is knowledgeable and available to address your concerns.
  • We handle money responsibly. A 501(c)3 organization, we keep bureaucracy—and overhead—to a minimum by keeping our total administrative costs under 10%.
  • Our trusts are financially flexible and affordable. For both our pooled and private trusts, our administrative fees are among the most reasonable available.

Whichever type of trust you choose, with Life’s WORC your loved one also benefits from a commitment to supporting and advocating for those with special needs that’s more than 40 years strong.

To find out more about Life’s WORC Trust Services, contact us.