Employee Spotlight: Paulette Elbers

Life’s WORC Trust Services is led by Paulette Elbers, the Trust Administrator. Paulette is not just the Trust Administrator but she is also the Director of Entitlements at Life’s WORC.

Paulette has 25 years of experience working with people with disabilities, first as a mental health counselor in the field for 10 years, with her last 15 years here at Life’s WORC.  In her role as Director of Entitlements, Paulette has been responsible for overseeing and ensuring the government benefits for over 250 residents at the numerous homes supported by Life’s WORC.

Paulette was instrumental in developing the Life’s WORC Trust Program in 2007.  She developed The Trust Program out of long established desire to serve and protect the most vulnerable among us.   As Trust Administrator she oversees the creation and management of special needs and pooled trusts to ensure that people’s needs are met and their expectations exceeded.  The Trust is now a multimillion dollar program supporting several hundred participants statewide.  The trust was started in furtherance of Life’s WORC mission of supporting people and helping them live their life to the fullest. This is Life’s WORC philosophy and is a guiding principle for Paulette.

Paulette is a frequent speaker and is available to provide presentations on the valuable serves that Life’s WORC Trust Services provides and on the importance of planning ahead for our loved ones with special needs and our aging seniors.