What We Offer

Financial security for people with special needs

Life’s WORC Trust Services enables you to put aside money for the future care of a loved one with developmental disabilities, autism or a traumatic brain injury while protecting the government entitlement benefits crucial to their well-being.

Pooled Trusts

With our choice of pooled trusts, your money is pooled together with others’ for management purposes so opening minimums and associated fees are typically lower.

Individual Supplemental Needs Trust

We manage the trust for you, taking the challenges of serving as trustee off of the parent or family member.

Community Support

Individuals with a disability can benefit from our trusts—even if they do not have a trust themselves. We have funds available for such needs as wheelchairs, dental work or therapies not covered by insurance. Contact us for more information.

Pre-funeral Arrangements

Authorize the trust to prepay for any funeral related expense during the lifetime of the trust beneficiary. You may not use trust funds to pay for funeral expenses after their passing.

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