Pooled Trusts

A pooled trust for added peace of mind

A Pooled Trust makes sound financial sense for those families for whom setting up an Individual Supplemental Needs Trust may be too complicated or costly.

While a Pooled Trust still enables you to put money aside for a person with disabilities, traumatic brain injury or autism without worrying about maximum income and asset requirements, that money is pooled together with other beneficiaries’ money for management purposes so the minimums to open and associated fees are typically lower.

Life’s WORC offers a choice of Pooled Trusts so you’re sure to find the one that’s best for your loved one.

Self Settled Trust
Protects the proceeds received from personal injury awards, inheritances or Social Security settlements, making funds available for medical expenses not covered by Medicaid or other insurance.

Third Party Trust
Funded by family members, guardians and others, this trust puts aside assets for a loved one with a disability—without jeopardizing Medicaid or SSI benefits.

Surplus Income Trust
Allows a person with excess income to deposit their monthly amount over the allowable income limit into the trust to pay for monthly living expenses, instead of paying it to Medicaid.

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