Surplus Income Trust

Financial flexibility for you—and security for your family

A Surplus Income Trust from Life’s WORC allows a person with excess income to deposit their monthly amount over the allowable income limit into the trust for monthly living expenses instead of paying it to Medicaid.

Also known as a qualified Medicaid income trust, this vehicle may work best for older adults who receive Social Security and/or retirement benefits and need to qualify for Medicaid.

The Life’s WORC Surplus Income Trust:

  • Is open to qualified individuals with disabilities. Only individuals who meet the criteria for disability defined in Social Security Law Section 1614(a)(3)[42USC 1382c(a)(3)] are eligible.
  • Uses excess income to pay living expenses (not Medicaid). This trust uses the individual’s surplus income to pay their monthly expenses including the mortgage, rent, electric, cable and phone bills.
  • Enables the individual to remain eligible for Medicaid home care services. Without the trust, individuals must contribute any excess income toward their Medicaid services. The Life’s WORC Surplus Income Trust is established pursuant to federal and state laws that permit a disabled person to shelter their own income in order to remain eligible for government benefits that are subject to means tests.
  • Is professionally managed by people who care. Life’s WORC staff is responsive to your needs. We also work with Key Private Bank, which has extensive experience in the areas of individual and pooled trusts.

Ready to join the trust? Review these trust documents with your attorney first.

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